Good News!

Now here’s some truly exciting news: Just got word that Real Taste Catering will be setting up at the Pajama Factory every Saturday!

Many of us got our first taste of Real Taste Catering at the 7th Annual Holiday Market last weekend and there were some great dishes—this will truly be a welcome addition to weekends at the Pajama Factory, so come down and show your support!

“It’s official Real Tacos Real Taste has a Regular Saturday Spot YEAH @Pajama Factory Hope to see you all on Saturdays!!”

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Happy Thanksgiving

Holiday Market 2016

All of us folks over here at the Pajama Factory would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We hope you had not only a great day, but a great year as well.

We have a lot to be thankful for here at the Pajama Factory: another year of great art, another year of great events, new friends and new businesses born right here in the shadow of our smokestack.

We’re happy to be here, happy to have you all as friends and proud to be your neighbor. Thank you for welcoming us into your community again this year!

(The picture above is, of course, the banner for our upcoming Holiday Market. I chose it mainly because it’s really a great looking image, designed by our own Kyle Huggins (Thanks, Kyle!) The Holiday Market is coming up very soon and you should definitely come, both Friday and all day Saturday!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Artist Residency program in Japan

(Shared Facebook post from Sawako Nakayasu)

U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Exchange Fellowships

The Japan U.S. Friendship Commission offers leading contemporary and traditional artists from the United States the opportunity to spend three to five months in Japan through the U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Program. (more)

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Election Night Excitement

We had a little bit of election night excitement tonight at Way Cool Beans when the coffee roaster overheated and filled the area with smoke.

The Williamsport Bureau of Fire were called as a precaution and did a great job of making sure everyone and everything was safe.

Way Cool Beans will be closed early tomorrow until they get the all-clear to open from the Codes Department.

Update: November 9, 10am
He’s open!
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Did You?

I voted


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Thanks, Williamsport Sun-Gazette!

Nice article in today’s Business Section of the Sun Gazette, reporting on the meeting held the other night at Way Cool Beans, looking to bring Uber to Williamsport.

Sun Gazette - Uber means part-time work for some motorists in region

You can read the whole thing here

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Here’s a great thing

Veruschka Stevens

Cliff Stevens, who’s been quite active with Val Beggs’ sewing classes, took the pattern of a hand-woven Bolivian textile and had it printed online. When the fabric arrived, he reverse-engineered his wife’s favorite top and duplicated it with the new fabric, giving her a truly wonderful gift.

Not only is this very cool, it’s the kind of thing *you* can do, when you Make What You Wear! Thanks for sharing, Cliff!

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Stopped by…

…to listen to a bit of Carol Ann Simon Cillo’s gallery talk:

Carol Ann Simon Cillo's gallery talk:

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Come make your voice heard!

Bill Hall

What do you think? Is Williamsport ready for Uber?

This Tuesday at 6:30PM at Way Cool Beans, there will be a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the ride-sharing service, lead by Bill Hall, who currently drives for Uber, (though he has to commute to State College to do so!)

Here’s some of the discussion points that will be covered:

For Riders:

  • UBER now operates in all PA counties except Clinton (Lock Haven), Lycoming (Williamsport), Union (Lewisburg), Northumberland (Sunbury)
  • UBER has been in State College, PA since February 2015
  • DUIs in State College have been reduced by 78%
  • Average time to pick up: 4 minutes
  • Average fare: $6.00
  • NO cash changes hands, all money runs through app
  • No downtown/airport parking hassles
  • Use UBER and lower the maintenance/expenses of your own vehicle
  • App allows you to split fares with other people sharing your ride
  • Download rider app from, sign petition

For Drivers:

  • Creates jobs
  • Drive when you feel like it, anywhere in PA, NJ, MD, NY
  • Must be 21, no history of DUI
  • Must pass criminal history check
  • Car must be 10 years old or newer
  • Download driver’s app to apply
  • After first 10 drives get $100.00 bonus if you use above code
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