Dwaine stopped by…

Dwain Gipe with a picture of the Pajama Factory

Dwaine Gipe is a well-known area photographer who is also a regular around the Pajama Factory. He stopped by the other day with a wonderful print of the Pajama Factory, taken from a neighboring hilltop. It’s in the visitor book at Way Cool Beans for you to see, along with his contact information, if you’d like a copy. Thanks, Dwaine!

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Tommy Needs New Wheels

Tommy Grieco is one of our nicest tenants, a very talented artist and good friend.

He’s started a GoFundMe page to help pay for a new wheelchair, so we’re happy to share and hope you’ll consider helping him out!

Tommy Grieco

On May 10, 2003 Tommy Grieco was in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He spent 4 weeks in the hospital, and 5 weeks in rehabilitation to learn how to adjust to his new life situation. He went from having a relatively normal American life, to having it turned upside down. His future was scary and unclear.

Update 6/27/16 – 11:45am

We have had a tremendous, overwhelming, unbelievable, heart-warming and most of all, generous outpouring of support for Tommy’s wheelchair campaign.

Thank You All.

Let’s keep this going!

Update #2 $5,950 raised!

Thank you all that donated to this site. Your generosity shows no bounds and I am forever grateful. In a few weeks or a little more from Spain I will receive my new manual wheelchair “the beast”. The rest of the donations will fix/replace my ramp at home. I’m still in shock from all the support of my friends and those who are total strangers. This is why and what a “go fund me” site is used and needed for not for frivolous items or trips to benefit no one in need. Plus, a special thanks to my friend, Shana for helping and getting things set up so quickly. Thank you so much to everyone. You made a grown man believe that there is still good in humanity. I will have pictures up on my Facebook with my new chair”the beast” whenever she arrives. God bless you all. I will never be able to say it enough, but Thank You.

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Celebrate Summer

Yoga Mala

Tomorrow evening, come celebrate the beginning of Summer in the Clearstory at the Pajama Factory!

Join us for 108 Sun Salutations in Clearstory, at the Pajama Factory, on Saturday, June 25th.

The doors will open at 5:30pm will the option to begin with a guided meditation. Jessica Clees will begin the 108 Sun Salutations at 6:00pm. Several breaks for stretching and relaxing will be incorporated, refreshments will be provided.

Feel free to stay for all 108 Sun Salutations, or do as many as you would like then relax in our meditation and reflection space. Reiki and guided meditation will be available at the end of the evening.

Receive your own Mala bead bracelet with your $15 donation at the door. All proceeds benefit the Williamsport Community Kitchen.”

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Say Hello to Tara!

Tara Gitter

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Tara Gitter, the new local Field Organizer for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign. She’s new to the area, so when she asked around for the best place to get to know the people in our area, she was sent right to Way Cool Beans at the Pajama Factory!

If you’re a Democrat and want to help ensure that all of the local Democratic candidates get all the support they deserve, come down to Way Cool Beans this Thursday at 5:30 PM to meet Tara and help her get to know the people of our area.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Democrat to get involved. She’s also working to help people from every party get properly registered to vote in what’s going to be the most interesting election in quite some time.

She’ll be around quite a bit between now and November, so when you see her, say hello!

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The Creative Process

Now, everyone likes to see a studio that’s neat and tidy, but, well, this is what the creative process looks like!

Be sure to get down to the Lewisburg Arts Fest to see what Tammy Daneker is making here, and say hi to Shana of Bathvs. And if you know any other tenants having a booth or table please let us know!

(Shared Facebook Post from Tammy Daneker)

Tammy Daneker's Studio

This is what it looks like after a while of feverishly making all the bags, and trying to pick out just the right fabrics for each one!

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