There’s an excellent new blog in town, one with a heavy emphasis on art and entertainment, which is, of course, something very near and dear to our hearts: PortObserver.com.

Started by Pajama Factory alumnus Matthew Parrish, it contains some very high quality writing in a format that allows them to dig deeper and find the story behind the story. Case in point is this piece on Tim Miller’s piece at Converge Gallery.

Go read that piece and put the site in your list of daily-read bookmarks. After that, head over to their Facebook page and click “like”.

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Todd Rice

Factory denizen Todd Rice is the subject of a new article over on Port Observer, a great looking new site focusing on our area. (Thanks for the tip, Matthew Parrish!)

Todd Rice’s ‘Alien Sanctuary’ at the Pajama Factory
By MATTHEW PARRISH, editor@portobserver.com

On Facebook, artist Todd Rice often posts pictures of movie monsters — the Creature from the Black Lagoon, for example — encroaching upon scantily clad women frozen in horror or engaged in epic battles (King King verses a giant snake!). He has also shared amusing behind-the-scenes photos of a human dwarfing Godzilla simply by standing next to the surprisingly small, toy-sized creature, and Ultraman hugging his large, lizard-like foe. It’s the type of imagery one would expect and hope for from a guy who grew up spending his Friday and Saturday nights glued to the television watching old horror movies.

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Cold Brew!

Way Cool Beans

At first glance, this rather suspicious-looking collection of laboratory glassware and slowly dripping fluid may look like something from Heisenberg’s laboratory, but it’s actually what’s known as a ‘Cold Brew’ coffee making system.

When you cold brew coffee, ice water is very slowly dripped through coarse-ground coffee beans. The result is a very flavorful coffee that’s much lower in acid and lacking the bitterness of the coffee you’re probably used to drinking.

Stop by Way Cool Beans to give it a try!

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Get yourself a haircut…

Time for a trim for the warm weather?

Here’s Karen from Roots (Building Six, First Floor of the Pajama Factory) with one of the more unkempt of the Factory tenants…

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Update:  rescheduled to Friday, June 27th.  Hope to see you there.

How best to describe Joanne Landis’ latest work?


That’s also the name of her next solo show, opening tomorrow night, right here at the Pajama Factory’s gallery! “Join us for the soft opening of artist Joanne Landis’ solo exhibit, BIG, in the Center for Creativity Gallery on Thursday, June 3rd from 5pm–8pm. Very large painted scrolls, and a mix of new and old work will be on display. Light refreshments will be served.

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Mindful Harvest

When she’s not tending the greenhouse at the Pajama Factory, Sally Rizzo’s seemingly boundless enthusiasm for all things green and growing finds itself at the Lose Community Garden as a part of Mindful Harvest.

Keep up the great work, Sally!

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Mindful Harvest Volunteer Meeting

Are you someone interested in how growing food impacts the health and well-being of not only people, but of whole communities? Are you interested in seeing what you can do? It’s time to get involved with Mindful Harvest!

Here’s a message from Sally Rizzo of Mindful Harvest that we’re happy to share:

“Hey Funky People — I wanted to let you know that Mindful Harvest is having their first volunteer meeting at the Way Cool Beans coffee shop tomorrow at 6pm. I am not sure if it’s something you or anyone in the factory would like to attend but I am opening it up to anyone with an interest in gardening, nutrition, community outreach, community gardening, the local food movement and improving our community!… the event is posted on my fb page and on the Mindful Harvest page. Feel free to post/share! Thanks a bunch ”

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A match made in heaven!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how the Pajama Factory is a great place to start a small business—there’s a tremendous amount of creative energy bouncing around within the brick walls! Here’s two more of our entrepreneurs:

On the left is Karen, who opened Roots Hair Studio on the first floor of Building Six, across the hall from Way Cool Beans. If you’ve noticed how much better-groomed all of the artists around the factory have been looking lately, Karen is the reason why. (https://www.facebook.com/RootsHairStudioByKaren)

On the right is Shana, from BATHVS, who makes a line of soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other products in her PJ Factory studio and sells them in Karen’s shop, and other places. (https://www.facebook.com/Bathvssoap)

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Williamsport Bicycle Recycle

One of the first bikes to come out of Williamsport Bicycle Recycle’s workshop is our own Todd Foresman of Way Cool Beans! Go ‘like’ Williamsport Bicycle Recycle on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest happenings!

Todd Foresman

Meet one of our very first bike recipients, Todd Foresman, owner of Way Cool Beans. Todd left his career in printing to follow his passion, coffee and his new bike gets him from home to the coffee shop everyday. Go see him and be sure to ask him about his pride and joy. No, seriously, ask him. It’s not what you think it is. It’s better.

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