Pajama Factory a haven for creative spirits

A creative incubator fostering small business owners, fine artists, performers and more sits at 1307 Park Ave.

As owner, executive director and self described man behind the curtain Mark Winkelman puts it, the Pajama Factory is a community developed by its users, nurtured by Winkelman and others who keep the building running.

The Pajama Factory: A building and a canvas

When folks outside of the artistic community describe the Pajama Factory, they might say something like “it’s just a place where artists like painters or designers do their work. But the 300,000-square-foot complex at 1307 Park Ave. is fundamentally more than that.

Believe in bikes: Couple helps cultivate cycling culture, community through Bicycle Recycle program

A neighborhood boy who looks to be about 11 walks into the Bicycle Recycle shop at the Pajama Factory, with a dysfunctional bicycle at his side. The bike doesn’t have a seat or brakes, and the boy doesn’t have a shirt.

GARMENTS GALORE: Pajama Design Lab offers classes, workshops for aspiring clothing designers

At the Pajama Factory in Studio 17, among the sewing machines, stacks of fashion magazines, hand-drawn design mock ups and limbless mannequins bearing unfinished designs – a stark contrast to the cutthroat-fashion-industry stereotype exists – one where diversity and imagination are encouraged, patience a virtue.

Mindful Harvest

… She put her environmental studies degree to work at the Organic Garden Center in the Pajama Factory.

Neighborhood children, primarily from lower-income families, began gravitating toward the greenhouse, as the great opaque dome in the parking lot of the Pajama Factory sparked the interest of young minds.

Kick off spring with Pajama Factory Mayfest

ith the snow gone for good, flowers blooming, trees sprouting and birds chirping, May is a month of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Nature isn’t the only thing that emerges out of prolonged winter dormancy in the spring months; people do too – especially artists.

New business spotlight on Williamsport Community Woodshop

Got a yen for woodworking and carpentry?

Come to the Williamsport Community Woodshop in the city’s Pajama Factory. Here, area residents can practice their woodworking skills as hobbyists or as a business interest. John Meyer, woodshop manager, helped start it last year.