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ACES North America

Studio 10-101
contact: Linell Stabler
(t) 570.419.1218

ACES (Advancing Communities by Educating and Serving), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of impoverished people in the Dominican Republic. Our vision is that people and communities who have limited resources will have the opportunities to improve their quality of life through efforts such as education, health initiatives, and entrepreneurial programs. We believe that this will positively impact neighboring communities, nations, and the world. We will strive for that vision with sensitivity to each culture and with a determined respect for human dignity. One of the specialties of ACES North America is connecting American skills, talent, resources, and manpower with the social and economic needs in the Dominican Republic.  Let us know if you are interested in participating in that exchange!

Arrow and Thread

Studio 7-413
contact: Alicia Boyer
(t) 570-337-9857

Barbara Andreassen

Studio 9-208
contact: Barbara Andreassen
(t) 570.220.1170

Designer & Artist.

AR Hines

Studio 9-327
contact: Reid Mosley
(t) 405.207.1571


Madelin Beattie

Madelin is a visual artist working in various mediums. Focusing mainly on printmaking and sculpture, Madelin utilizes a process-driven approach which includes alternative materials as well as traditional techniques.

becker.s photography

Studio 9-211
contact: Lynne Becker
(t) 570.326.1212

Portrait and Fine Art photography. High School Senior Portraits with an eclectic blend of fashion-inspired and edgy-traditional imagery, Family Portraits with a timeless elegance. Fine art photography using old and new techniques. We are available by appointment for consultations and photo shoots.

Dan Berberich

Studio 7-247N
contact: Dan Berberich

Realist artist specializing in figure and portraiture work in both graphite and oil paint. Available for custom work and private drawing lessons. Contact via email for more information.

Bicycle Recycle

Studio 10-106
contact: Louisa Stone
(t) 570.916.2940
contact: David Stone
(t) 570.971.7362

Bicycle Recycle is a neighborhood bicycle shop geared to provide affordable bikes to the community, and to teach and assist with hands-on bicycle repair. We offer memberships, maintenance classes, and volunteer opportunities for the community. Bicycle donations are welcome. Located on the ground floor through the courtyard entrance (at the inner corner of the parking lot on the corner of Rose Street and Park Avenue). HOURS: Mon + Wed 6pm–9pm. Bicycle Recycle is a program of Factory Works, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed at the Pajama Factory.

BioCharger Lab

Studio 7-240
contact: David DeFebo
(t) 570-478-1155

David DeFebo is a consultant for Advanced BioTechnologies, LLC (ABT). ABT designed and now manufactures the first solid state controlled Tesla coil subtle energy revitalization platform. This technology is like a wireless charging station for you body, and it works with animals too! David wears several hats on the team. He heads up the support team, is the head recipe chef (recipes is the term used for frequency programs that run on the BioCharger NG), and he is part of the research and development team. The BioCharger Lab is part of studio 7-240 where David conducts research and develops recipes for the BioCharger NG. In addition, appointments are available to receive sessions, which typically last 8-15 minutes. The BioCharger Lab will be open during Pajama Factory public events. You can learn more about the BioCharger NG at To schedule an appointment please call 570-478-1155 or 570-327-0103 or drop an email to

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Rita & Steve Bower

Studio 7-248
contact: Steven Bower
(t) 412.526.8039
contact: Rita Bower

Steve Bower is a professional artist painting in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media—and teaches adult classes in all water-based media. Rita Bower is an art educator and artist working in a variety of media, including acrylic, pastel, mixed media and water-based arts. Rita also teaches art classes for all ages.


C & C Grooming

Studio 7-104
contact: Summer Andrus
(t) 570-252-9900

C & C Grooming is a force free, low stress small salon located in the heart of Williamsport, first floor inside the Pajama Factory along Memorial Avenue. Pet Grooming Certified, AKC S.A.F.E Salon Certified, Pet CPR/First Aid Certified and Insured. Stop in to visit us. Open Tuesday-Saturday by appointment only.  Call us if you have any questions or would like to schedule.

Camden Thomas, Joiners & Cabinetmakers

Studio 4-101
contact: Kenneth Nuttle
(t) 843.729.1807

Specializing in 17th, 18th, and 19th century reproduction furniture and accessories, restoration and conservation of antique furniture and accessories, and reproduction and restoration of doors and windows for historic homes.

Catharine Bec

Studio 7-314
contact: Catharine Striplin

Paul J. Clacher

Studio 7-250
contact: Paul Clacher
(t) 570-666-5327


Studio 6-201
(t) 5709801452

The Clearstory offers 7,000 sq. ft.,  24 ft. ceilings, 8 ft. original windows, hardwood floors, all white interior, and open floor plan giving clients the ability to design their dream event for up to 300 guests.

Luana Cleveland

Studio 7-310
contact: Luana Cleveland

Fine-artist; painter

Concetta Owens Studio

Studio 10-227N
contact: Connie Owens
(t) 570.772.8217


Divine Qi

Studio 7-246
contact: Chris Hayward
(t) 570.258.5455

Chris is a Reiki master and offers Intuitive tarot readings. Each reading is unique and draws on the energies at the time of the reading. All decks are cleared and shielded with Master Reiki energy and shuffled with intent before each reading. All readings are original works of Divine Qi. Delivered in person or electronically.



Studio 10-301
contact: Lori Wannop
(t) 570.322.5900

Quality outdoor gear for Earth Travelers. At Equinox, we are committed to designing and manufacturing sewn goods that work great, and are a pleasure to use; in an atmosphere that promotes dignity for all staff, with respect to the environment. Entrance located on the corner of Park Avenue and Allen Street (1/2 block North of Rose St.) up the stairwell to the 3rd floor.

Erik’s Edibles

Studio 6-103
contact: Erik Guthrie
(t) 570.244.1393

Erik's Edibles is a local business selling handcrafted pickles, peppers, canned vegetables and more. Whether you like sweet and tangy flavors or strongly spiced hot foods, you're sure to find something to love. You can find us on the ground floor of the Pajama Factory at The White Knight's Gameroom. You can also find us at the local farmers' market!


Factory Works Clay Studio

Studio 10-226
contact: Fletcher Kaufman
(t) 570.447.4344

Factory Works Clay Studio offers workshops, classes and memberships for those interested in working with clay and learning new techniques. The studio is fully equipped for throwing and hand building.  Two Kilns are onsite and various firing methods will be introduced over time. The Clay Studio is a program of Factory Works, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed at the Pajama Factory.

Factory Works Gallery

Studio 9-210
contact: Brian Spies
(t) 443.977.8682

Factory Works Gallery provides emerging and established artists a spacious, flexible exhibition space in which to share their work with the public. Factory Works Gallery is a program of Factory Works, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed at the Pajama Factory.

Factory Works Photo Lab

Studio 9-206
contact: Brian Spies
(t) 443.977.8682

The Factory Works Photo Lab is a darkroom facility located in the historic Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA.  It is open to anyone in the community who is interested in learning or advancing their skills in photography. Workshops are offered to teach digital, traditional black & white, and cyanotype photography to students of all skill levels. Please call for more information on hourly use and membership options. The Factory Works Photo Lab is a program of Factory Works, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed at the Pajama Factory.

Forbes & Young Writing Studios

Studio 7-313
contact: Melissa Young
(t) 570-777-3528
contact: Harold Forbes
(t) 570-419-6747

Harold is a creative writer and Melissa is working on a Master's degree in social work at Marywood University.


Glassy Lady Stained Glass

Studio 7-414
contact: Amy Alexander
(t) 570.419.5116

Will Goddard

Studio 9-201
contact: Will Goddard
(t) 570.916.2600

Retired associate professor from Penn College. Carver, steampunk lamp maker, candlerock maker, and dabbler in other interesting fields. Connoisseur of amazing gizmos. "It needs to be fun."

Gunderson Furnishings

Studio 3-102
contact: Adam Gunderson
(t) 608.575.3136

Adam Gunderson is a designer and maker of fine wooden interiors and custom wood furniture for clients and galleries across the country. Located in the Williamsport Community Woodshop on the corner of Rose Street and Memorial Avenue.


Hello Zita

Studio 9-320
contact: Elizabeth Torok
(t) 570.651.0953

Illustrator, Liz Torok, dabbles in many mediums. Check out the Facebook page under Hello Zita Studio to find out when there are events!

Hemlock Print & Design

Studio 7-244
contact: Dylan Sommers
(t) 570.490.4046

We are a custom screen print and design company. Our goal is to bring our customers the highest quality product for the most affordable price. We can handle orders small to large, with a short turn around time. Our customers range from businesses, bands, and apparel companies to nonprofits, schools, and families.

Diane Hollis

Studio 7-415
contact: Diane Hollis
(t) 570.916.7121

An eclectic visual artist working in various mediums. Focusing on painting - oil and pastels and excited about being re-introduced to life model sculpture and mono-printmaking. The larger studio will allow for large-scale work. Special interests in primitive arts, Australian aboriginal paintings, Joseph Campbell – the Power of Myth, along with eastern philosophy. Commissions always considered.


Joan Segraves

Studio 7-306
contact: Joan Segraves
(t) 570-974-9647

Notary service | Serv Safe instructor | Needle & hook | Paper crafts | Scrapbooking | Essential oils & diffusers



Studio 9-322
contact: Markeisha Valentine
(t) 570.971.8408

Based in Williamsport PA, Markeisha Valentine, owner of LashByKeisha Beauty Studio, is a professional makeup artist with over 9 years of experience. Markeisha holds certification in beauty, fashion, TV/Film, and Special FX Makeup Artistry, implementing looks that cover a wide range with exceptional results. Bold and daring, sexy and eye-catching, romantic and soft, scary, and horrific. Markeisha describes her makeup artistry as "painting on a live canvas". Every canvas is different whether it's shape, color, texture, etc. Each with its own vision, opinion, and story. That's the beauty and excitement in makeup artistry, that no canvas is exactly like another. Markeisha has always been passionate about art. She has been a very creative person since grade school days. Markeisha got inspired at a young age from the TV show "Out of the Box" that premiered on the Disney channel in the early 2000s. After attending Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects program at Douglas Education Center in 2012, Markeisha then went on as a freelance makeup artist in Williamsport, specializing in makeup for weddings, special events, photoshoots, and professional functions. She also shares her expertise by providing "one on ones", group consultations, and lessons. With Markeisha's new studio opening, she will be hosting a BYOB Ladies Night called "Face-Did". A night to gather up 4 to 6 of your girlfriends and go over step-by-step, full-face, makeup tutorials while sipping on your favorite wine or beverage! Visit her Facebook page @LashByKeisha for more information and to reserve a ticket!



Studio 9-214
contact: Cris Knell

Eclectic mixed-media creations.


Francesca Neville

Studio 7-306
contact: Francesca Neville
(t) 718-968-5686

Seamstress, Designer, and Artist  |  Francesca is an artist with a degree in Apparel Design who specializes in alterations, repair, and re-design of vintage clothing as well as custom made garments.


Odd Twin

Studio 7-306
contact: Francesca Neville
(t) 718-968-5686

Beautiful, handpicked vintage clothing and accessories.

One Eye Digital

Studio 7-315
contact: Ron Moreland
(t) 570.974.9749

Digital photography for individuals and businesses.

Our Generations Quilt Shop

Studio 10-104
contact: Eileen Forker
(t) 570.447.5520

Fabric for quilting classes, demons, work shops, and custom quilts.


Pajama Factory Business Office

Studio 10-215
contact: Iris Andrews (Bookkeeper)
(t) 570.220.1170
contact: Danielle Velkoff (Events)
(t) 570.980.1452
contact: Facilities Crew
(t) 570.478.0514

As the Pajama Factory community grows, so does the commitment of our business office. Call with questions about lease availability, events, or future plans.

Pasta by Deb

Studio 6-111
contact: Deb Allison
(t) 570.323.0361

With over 35 years experience, pasta maker Deb Allison offers an artisan pasta made in a wide variety of flavors and noodle widths. Pasta by Deb has been a regular vendor at the Williamsport Grower's Market since 2008. Explore the different flavors and "pasta-bilities"!

Constance Phillips

Studio 10-228/29
contact: Constance Phillips

Historical costuming.


Rae Marie Fine Soaps & Textiles

Studio 9-334
contact: Corey Breneisen
contact: Amy Ford

Rae Marie focuses on creating high quality, eco-friendly products that are good for the home, good for the body, and good for the planet.

Rebecca Charles, LMT

Studio 10-238
contact: Rebecca Charles
(t) 570.772.1997

Licensed Massage Therapist offering the following modalities of massage: Swedish, Sports, Prenatal, Reflexology, and onsite chair massage. Available by appointment only!

Todd Rice

Studio 7-401
contact: Todd Rice
(t) 570.377.0836

Painting, sculpting and occasionally graphic design.

Rikki Feerrar Makeup Artistry

Studio 7-406/08
contact: Rikki Feerrar

My name is Rikki. I'm an enthusiast of all things beauty, and the owner of my own studio, Rikki Feerrar Makeup Artistry. My work ranges from weddings, photoshoots, proms, to any special events. I truly have a blast beautifying women, and I continuously meet so many wonderful people along the way. I'm excited to share with everyone the bliss that this hobby has brought me.

Roots Hair Studio by Karen

Studio 6-110
contact: Karen Goodridge
(t) 570.974.8657

With over 20 years experience, ROOTS HAIR STUDIO By Karen offers an organic approach to a full salon experience.  From men's and women's cuts, beard grooming, facial waxing, special events hair & make-up, Karen strives to not only provide excellent services, but educates each client as well. Whether its struggles with breakage, damaged hair, or what tools and products to use, she works with you to find a solution.  Karen specializes in color, color correction, and hair painting. Other chemical services include perms and straitening. ROOTS is a By Appointment Only Salon.  


Sara Setzer Feltworks

Studio 7-312
contact: Sara Setzer
(t) 609.276-2055

Beau Schemery

Studio 10-227
contact: Beau Schemery

Beau Schemery is an artist working in a variety of mediums, both traditional and digital, as well as creating masks and costumes for various enterprises. He is also a published author and playwright. You may find Beau practicing his acting or burlesque performances in his studio. Beau is available for commissions, and performances, and, as an ordained minister, he's also available to officiate marriage ceremonies. For prices and availability please contact Beau at

Schweitzer Formula, LLC

Studio 7-240
contact: David DeFebo
(t) 570-360-9188

David DeFebo operates Schweitzer Formula, LLC from studio 7-240, where order fulfillment takes place. Schweitzer Formula is available for purchase at the studio as well. You can learn more about Schweitzer Formula or place an order at | Schweitzer Formula is a proprietary crystalline form of zinc/boron/salicylate suspended in distilled water with a wide range of topical and internal uses. Invented in 1915 at the Georg- Speyer House Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, this cutting edge formula was first marketed and sold in 1920 and has since been used extensively throughout the world. Today, we offer the original, time-tested Schweitzer Formula in bottled form with all its multi-purpose uses and benefits. Once you try it, you won’t be without it. Schweitzer Formula can be used both internally and externally and is effective for the following uses as well as many, many more: rashes, scars, pH balancing, hives, athlete’s foot, sunburn, acne, cold symptoms, blisters, poison ivy relief, nasal problems, yeast overgrowth, insect bites, digestive disorders, sore throat, nail fungus, gum problems, hemorrhoids, eczema, ear problems, skin eruptions, psoriasis, oral care, varicose veins, and bruises.

Janet Sherman

Studio 10-221
contact: Janne Sherman

Janet is dabbling in ceramics and mixed media in retirement; taking classes with Max Ameigh at Penn College, the Factory Works Clay Studio, the Bowers at Venus and Mars Studio 7-248, and attending miscellaneous art workshops. Some of her mixed media pieces are on display on the wall outside of Studio 10-221. Janne also crochets ruffle scarves and occasionally designs jewelry. Her scarves and ceramics are on display in Studio 10-221 with jewelry on request. Email for an appointment.

Brian James Spies

Studio 9-210N
contact: Brian Spies
(t) (443) 977-8682

Brian James Spies has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (Photo Concentration) from Lycoming College (2002, Cum Laude) a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from The Maryland Institute College of Art (2010) and a Masters of Fine Art from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (2012) where he was awarded the prestigious Faculty Award. He works in a diverse array of media with concentrations on conceptually driven photography and drawing. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the United States, including recently at The Power Plant Gallery at Duke University and Eastern Penitentiary In Philadelphia. He has curated multiple exhibitions in Philadelphia and Williamsport and he is currently the director of The Factory Works Gallery and The Factory Works Photo Lab, both at the Pajama Factory, in Williamsport Pennsylvania.

See the studio

Studio Paper+

Studio 10-230
contact: Chad Andrews
(t) 570.651.5471

Studio Paper+ is a printmaking studio founded by Chad Andrews that focuses on the original print. All prints are hand pulled using traditional letterpress, etching, and lithography presses. Using both traditional and contemporary processes, it is Studio Paper+’s goal to assist artists in creating the highest quality original print.


Transformational Tones

Studio 10-218
contact: Kaitlynn Tassone
(t) (515) 758-8063

Transformational Tones was created by Kaitlynn Tassone. She is a sound healer, entrepreneur, and coach. Her passion is empowering others through sound and music.  She believes your mentality creates your reality, and specializes in non-narcotic practices in healing the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Her services include sound healing sessions for both groups and individuals, special events, power coaching and more.  Her studio also offers essential tools to assist in home meditation though crystals, intention candles, jewelry, aromatherapy spray and more! Sessions are available in morning or evening options & also traveling to you.

Marsha Turner Pluhar

Studio 9-203
contact: Marsha Turner Pluhar
(t) 814.810.7491

Marsha is a California painter and printmaker currently living in Cascais, Portugal, and State College, PA. Marsha earned a BFA in Studio Arts from the Laguna Beach College of Art and Design in 1986. Since then, she has been a prominent exhibitor in many prestigious galleries, museums, and university exhibitions. Visit Marsha's website to view her artwork!


Andrea McDonough Varner

Studio 9-203

Private studio.


Jon Waller

Studio 7-402
contact: Jon Waller

Private Studio.

Way Cool Beans

Studio 6-101
contact: Todd Foresman
(t) 570.601.7512

Way Cool Beans coffee roaster & shop offers fresh roasted beans, a great cup of coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere to drink it in. Pour-overs & cold-brew are available, as well as iced-coffee/tea. Beans are for sale in glass quarts & pints. Free wi-fi is available. HOURS: Mon–Thurs. 8am–7pm / Fri. 8am–11pm / Sat. 8am–7pm / Sun. Noon–5pm. Ground floor entrance; parking available in the lot on the corner of Rose St. & Park Ave.

The White Knight’s Gameroom

Studio 6-102/103/104/105/106
contact: Erik Guthrie
(t) 570.567.7539

The White Knight's Gameroom is one of the area's largest providers of RPGs, CCGs, Tabletop Games, Miniatures, Single Magic Cards, Dice and Wargame supplies in the area. The Game Room provides plenty of space for our friends and customers to play their RPGs, wargames, cards and other tabletop games as well as sanctioned MTG events. We also provide retail space for Erik's Edibles gourmet foods, and Christy Rhoads' nature photography.

Mallory Whitford

Studio 9-321
contact: Mallory Whitford

Mallory is an art educator and will be focusing on ceramics and printmaking in her private studio/office space.

WholeheARTed Health

Studio 7-240
contact: David DeFebo
(t) 570-478-1155
contact: Mary Woods
(t) 570-327-0103

“Life is your Peace of Art” | David DeFebo and Mary Woods offer holistic health products and services in their studio 7-240. David is a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner (CHHP, ND), who manufactures Schweitzer Formula, a crystalline healing solution, which he sells in various sizes, along with a few other essential health supplements. His BioCharger Lab offers sessions by appointment, providing a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform that works to optimize your health, wellness, athletic performance and overall peak performance by aligning and balancing the energy of every cell in your body. Mary is a Holistic Educator, offering personal Wellness Consultations integrating body/mind/emotions/spirit principles to explore the cause and effect relationship to your health. As a Celebration Artist, Mary creates sacred space for one-on-one and group ceremonies for celebrating life’s passages, including birthday oracle readings with a custom made booklet, Spiritual Counseling, A Course In Miracles workshops, meditation circles, and ecstatic dance. As a non-denominational Minister and Wedding Officiant, Mary helps you design your own sacred ceremony.

Williamsport Community Kitchen

Studio 6-201
contact: Ben Marzo, Kitchen Manager
(t) 570-971-8710

The Williamsport Community Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located within the Clearstory space in the Pajama Factory. The WCK is a shared commercial kitchen that allows individuals and groups to start, and grow their food based businesses.  It also allows other community based organizations to produce food items for fundraisers and other events that support the community.  Contact Ben to learn more about renting the kitchen for your business or event.

Williamsport Community Woodshop

Studio 3-101/02
contact: John Meyer
(t) 570.916.8145

WCW is a fully equipped woodworking facility where the novice, intermediate and expert woodworker can share equipment, workspace, and experiences in the construction of projects. Through classes and association with other skilled woodworkers, it is our hope that the most inexperienced novice can someday become an expert woodworker. Please call to schedule a tour of our facility, or for more info on how to become a member. Our main entrance is on the corner of Rose Street & Memorial Avenue. The Williamsport Community Woodshop is a program of Factory Works, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed at the Pajama Factory.

Williamsport Independent Media, Inc. (WXPI)

Studio 6-107
contact: Chris Gartelman
(t) 570.505.1396

Williamsport Community Radio, WXPI–88.5FM, is a listener supported, volunteer-powered, nonprofit radio station dedicated to providing a forum for diverse viewpoints and local music in the Williamsport area.

Writers Qi

Studio 7-246
contact: Chris Hayward

Curiosity drives the desire to find facts. Weaving well researched facts and figures into a compelling story improves communication between you and your current and future customers. Writers Qi LLC is the storyteller that breathes new life into your case studies, white papers, articles and web content.

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