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June 2015

In Focus: Bathvs

Bathvs (pronounced Bath-us) is one of many growing businesses at the Pajama Factory. Owner Shana Eichenberg makes a variety of bath and beauty products in her studio, including soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, face creams and masks, as well as a host of other handmade products.

She attributes much of her success to the supportive community at the Factory: "The creative community I’ve found here has been invaluable in making my business an early success. From the design input I got from the artists here, to having a very-willing group of product testers just down the hall, it’s like having a team of experts." And many of the Factory’s retail shops have been happy to carry her products. “The Pajama Factory has been the perfect incubator for my business and creative needs!”



Spring has finally sprung! The warm weather is certainly welcome after a long winter. The flowering weeping cherry tree in the courtyard was a thing of beauty to behold, and we are now enjoying our garden coming to life in the courtyard.

The garden isn’t the only thing that continues to grow at the Pajama Factory—partnerships between our community members do as well. Part of our business mission has been to “build something bigger than ourselves” and at the Pajama Factory, we make efforts to promote this idea. Through the cross-pollination of ideas and businesses, we all grow stronger, more inspired, more energized, and more connected.

We watch this happen every day between so many folks in our community, and we would like to dedicate this newsletter to those wonderful partnerships.

And, of course, we continue to value and appreciate your ongoing partnership with our endeavor. It makes us stronger and more energized as we continue to expand.

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

2nd Annual Mayfest

Close to 1000 people came through the building for this day-long event, which featured open studios, music, a gallery opening, and many craft and food vendors. It culminated with the second annual STRUT fashion show—a perfect example of ‘cross pollination”.

A big thank you goes out to all involved who worked to make the day a success, including the nine fashion designers, many of whom are Factory tenants. And a huge call-out and thanks go to Val Beggs at Make What You Wear fashion studio for organizing STRUT.

Gathering Places

The courtyard is a great place to hang out and share ideas in the warmer weather. You can be sure to run into Erik as he takes a break from running the White Knights Game Room, or Tom and Jim, getting a breath of fresh air while on break from their software company. We’ve added new umbrellas shading the tables, so we have an even more comfortable place to sit.

Way Cool Beans—our in-house coffee roaster and shop—has also become a place for brainstorming ideas over cups of java. Not only is it a great place for tenants to relax, but this comfy spot boasts fleece hats made at Equinox, artwork from artists upstairs, and on special occasions, cupcakes from the bakery across the hall.

New Spaces

Partnerships take many forms. Recently, we partnered with Clifford and Veruschka Stevens to develop our second residential space. They moved here from Philadelphia specifically to be a part of the wonderful Pajama Factory community. Cliff’s tech startup, Culture Spots, designs and builds mobile audio tour platforms for institutions such as art museums and galleries. Verushka was also in the tech world, but now designs and makes beautifully intricate statement jewelry through her company, VeruDesigns. Her work was recently on view at the Cosmopolitan Club in Philadelphia.

In Closing …

A bit of spring from the Pajama Factory courtyard garden.

Where art and creation are the flowers of life, the sharing of ideas is the pollination.

– Mark and Susie Winkelman