WholeheARTed Wholistic

Studio: 7-240

Contact: David DeFebo

Phone: 570-252-1836

David DeFebo and Mary Woods offer holistic health products & services:

  • Schweitzer Formula, a crystalline healing solution
  • Vibrant Cell Life, a liquid humic and fulvic acid
  • Total Body Greens, a delicious, nutritious green drink
  • Molecula Silver, a nano-silver liquid for immune support
  • Tachyon products, providing zero-point energy balancing



Biocharger Lab, sessions with the first solid state controlled Tesla coil subtle energy revitalization platform that works to optimize your health, wellness, athletic performance and overall peak performance by aligning and balancing the energy in every cell in your body.

Celebration Artist Events, personalized sacred ceremonies for celebrating special occassions and honoring life’s passages with conscious focused intention.

Wedding Officiant and Ministerial Services, Mary is an ordained non-denominational minister who can help you personalize your marriage ceremony.

Birthday Oracle Readings, a 90 minute reading combining several oracles with a follow-up handmade keepsake booklet of your personal cards and guidance.

Heart-to-Heart Counseling, an hour consultation providing personal insight, practical solutions & empower you to make healthy choices for peace of mind.

For Appointments:

David – daviddefebo@gmail.com, 570-252-1836

Mary – marymargaretwoods@gmail.com, 570-327-0103