Diving in

Cliff Stevens and his wife, Veruschka, moved to the Williamsport area from center-city Philadelphia, and even though they have only been in the city a little over a year, they have felt a distinct welcome in the community.

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Incredible Generosity

Tommy Grieco is an artist from Lock Haven who uses the Pajama Factory for his studio space to create his paintings and chalk pastel pieces. “It’s great to get together and share ideas and creativity,” he comments about the atmosphere at the Pajama Factory. Tommy says that he feels a sense of community within the Pajama Factory, but felt an even greater sense of it when people from across the Williamsport and Lock Haven area donated to his GoFundMe site for a new wheelchair.

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A private tour of our brand new art studio!

Happy Tuesdy beautiful!

I’ve been sooo looking forward to today’s post!

Unless you’re a new VeruDesigns friend subscriber, you may recall that almost 11 months ago we moved our headquarters from center city Philadelphia to Williamsport, PA (3 hours north-west from Philly).

WHY? (you may ask?).

The reason has a name: The Pajama Factory.

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Williamsport, PA Pajama Factory An Outlet for Creatives

No pajamas are in sight today, but the building –which was once home to a pajama manufacturer—is definitely a comfy place where creativity flourishes.

Located about a 50-minute drive northwest of the Inn, the Pajama Factory is a community space where artists, craftspeople, community groups, and small business can have a place to work, meet and shop. For guests who enjoy poking around artsy enclaves, a trip over there makes a great outing.

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The Graphite Gang presents “Grey Matters – More” at the Pajama Factory

A loosely-formed group known as The Graphite Gang returns for a new show “Grey Matters – More” at the FactoryWorks Gallery #10, building 9, 2nd floor in the Pajama Factory. The exhibit runs from Friday, February 5th thru Thursday, February 25th. An opening reception is being held from 6pm to 9pm on First Friday, February 5th.

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Dream It. See It. Do It.

It’s a landmark in Williamsport—an old factory complex that takes up a city block, with a tall brick smokestack that still says “Raytown,” after a former owner. Just walking around, it has the “gently shabby” look of industry that has disappeared, reminding us of the work our grandparents and great-grandparents did in these mountains.

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