‘Graphite Gang’ exhibits artwork in the Pajama Factory

‘The Pajama Factory, Williamsport’s art center, started out the fall with a new show consisting only of graphite as its medium on Sept. 5. “Grey Matters,” as the free exhibition is called, showcases a variety of pieces from six artists who are all from the surrounding area.

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Five reasons to head to Williamsport for the Little League World Series

3. The Art of Fielding

Williamsport has had a transformative couple years, fostering a growing arts scene and a blossoming downtown while retaining its small-town charm…

The Pajama Factory, a facility featuring 300,000 square feet of space available for artist studios, nonprofits and creative businesses has become a locus for the scene. The building, originally built in 1884, is a perfect example of the town’s transition — it began as a rubber shoe factory, eventually became a pajama factory, and then fell into disrepair in the late ’70s.

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Todd Rice’s ‘Alien Sanctuary’ at the Pajama Factory

On Facebook, artist Todd Rice often posts pictures of movie monsters — the Creature from the Black Lagoon, for example — encroaching upon scantily clad women frozen in horror or engaged in epic battles (King King verses a giant snake!). He has also shared amusing behind-the-scenes photos of a human dwarfing Godzilla simply by standing next to the surprisingly small, toy-sized creature, and Ultraman hugging his large, lizard-like foe…

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