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Our Factory Kitty

She couldn’t have been more than 6 months old; a beautiful black cat with white paws, white whiskers, a white belly and the loveliest purr. She was first spotted around the parking lot for a few days and somehow, she must have snuck inside and made it to the 3rd floor of the building where another tenant reported seeing her. She wandered up to the 4th floor for a few days meowing in the hallways. A few folks reported that they saw her put her paws under studio doors to give a wave to those inside. 

We heard her meowing and took her in- feeding her and giving her a place to stay while we tried to find her owners. Other tenants had previously put out bowls of water for her. We thought about making her a factory cat but then worried about her needing a real home. Luckily we found a good home for her although we will miss having her sit on our laps, contently demonstrating how happy she had been here at the Factory.