What People are saying

Our community is special—but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a few of our tenants, past and present, about their time at the Pajama Factory.

David and Louisa Stone - Owners, Williamsport Bicycle Recycle

In 2013 Mark and Suzanne Winkelman offered us the opportunity to locate at the Pajama Factory and join the non-profit Factory Works. In our neighborhood bike shop, people can donate a used bike that will be recycled for resale. They can participate in fixing their bike and leave with a ridable bike and the skills to repair it. Eight years later the Factory continues to be the perfect place for us to grow our hands-on community programs and volunteer projects, We are happy to be here..

Brian Spies - Factory Works Photo Lab Manager

I first came to the Pajama Factory in the fall of 2008 as a young artist looking for a space to paint. I spent the next 8 months developing a body of work that sent me first to The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and ultimately to the Pennsylvania Academy where I received my MFA. Upon graduating in 2012 I returned to Williamsport and quickly found myself back at the factory. I’ve held many roles since returning, from radio deejay with WXPI to director of Factory Works Gallery and ultimately my role as manager of the non profit Factory Works Photo Lab. I found a community and a home here and I’m very thankful of everything the Pajama Factory has provided me as an artist and a person.

Sandy Ludwig - Writer/Mixed media art

My shotgun studio is perfect for growing my grant writing business and creating mixed media art. I’m surrounded by a welcoming community of creatives, unique small businesses, and Factory Works community studios (Pottery, Photography, Woodshop and Gallery) that help me develop skills that will expand my creative endeavors. The PJ Factory exceeded my expectation.

Phil Baughman - Graduate Student

Relocating to the Pajama Factory has been a huge breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy year—literally! After being cooped up in my tiny studio apartment in Manhattan since the beginning of the pandemic, remote work feels completely different in my Pajama Factory loft, surrounded by huge factory windows that let in so much light and fresh air. My plants and cats have never been happier, and living in such a cool historic building full of so many creative people feels like the type of lifestyle nobody can afford anymore in New York. Plus, living in Williamsport offers such easy access to beautiful swimming holes and hiking trails, all without having to battle the weekend warrior hordes to get to them. What a dream!

Erik L. Guthrie - Entrepreneur

We have been in the Pajama Factory for about 9 years now. It has been a pleasure being able to grow along side and with them over the years. Mark and Sue have been good to work with in both good and tough times. We plan on continuing your expansion for hopefully another 9 years and beyond. They have a dream and they are working very hard on making it a reality. It’s nice to help them a long the way while still getting to live our dream at the same time.


Leslie James - Creative Artisan

Being an artist my entire life, the Pajama Factory has been my escape to sanity. I work as an accountant all week. When I walk into my studio, I am able to dive deep into the unconventional non-traditional realms of my visionary psyche.
In this space there are no mistakes, no restrictions and no absolutes. This setting clears the path for wherever my creative energy desires to travel. It is my therapy. After “crunching numbers” all week, it provides the opportunity to explore the artistic expression that hides in the copious caverns of my soul.

Jon McKaig - Printmaker/Painter

My studio space has been the best working space I’ve ever had. I am able to work on whatever media I choose, and the support staff here are responsive, friendly and professional. My studio has become my haven that allows me to work in ways that I was never able to before.

Chad Andrews - Maker of images through various media (printmaking mostly)

The Pajama Factory is a dream. I started my community printmaking studio (Studio Paper+) in 2010 on a shoestring budget and within a few months, the studio was self-sufficient. The local arts community was incredibly supportive and a lot of cross pollination happens in the hallways, courtyard, or coffeeshop. I found that the Pajama Factory really helped bringing my and others dreams to life. The airy studios with their high ceilings and big windows give the feeling of being in “the big city” but the rent is so affordable (unlike the big city) that you can really get a good start on your projects.