Jul 21 2024


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Darkness Eternal… The Northern Reaches!!!

The Sky grows dark… The bitter wind rips at the very fabric of your soul. The howl is heard in the distance as a low and menacing rumble at first. Slowly it grows till you hear it through your entire being. From your shaking hands to your chattering teeth. The great evil has reared its ugly head and its speeding your way. Trembling and huddled in your small groups you try and instill courage and bravado to each other though none seems sure of their fate.
Are you the one? The great one to lift the sword, cast the spell, or sing the song to save EO in its time of need! Polish your sword and shield, tighten the string your bow, study your spellbook, and make sure you have stowed all your gear. Bring your wit. Bring your bravado. Bring your courage. But most of all bring your love of having fun…. WKGR’s Lord Delvar World of Insanities creations presents…. Darkness Eternal… The Northern Reaches!!!
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